Thursday, April 16, 2015

January and February

We did a study unit on the human heart around Valentines. 
As part of it, we watched the video Holding the Human Heart by Soul Pancake
 This is the extent of my hair style skills. I'm still waiting for Jenny's expertise to wear off on me.
 We got to party with the Voravongs for Valentines. It was WILD. Not sure why but our minute to win it games were more intense than I ever imagined possible... who knew a whoopie cushion prize would be so enticing.
 The boys investigating a heart model. Cute little buddies.
Jacob is baptized!! We had a delightful little baptism for Cubby at the end of January. I knew it would be hard to get a picture on the day of so I snapped some with him on the Sunday before. 

Here's the "I can't believe you're 8!" hug. 
Doesn't get any handsome or sweeter than this boy!!

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