Friday, January 2, 2015

Field Trips

The Art Gallery of Alberta is so cool. 
We stopped in for Alberta Art Days after we saw Peter and the Wolf at the Jubilee. 

 One afternoon after cello lessons we zipped over to the temple. 
It was nice to walk around the courtyard and talk about the temple together.

 The kids have been having science classes at the Telus World of Science. 
It's fun to meet up with friends there and learn from all the smartypants scientists.
I always spy on them through the window because it's so cute to see them in a classroom setting.
 This was for sure our most exciting field trip this semester. We learned about India then went to the Sikh temple near our house. We actually went on Diwali- what are the chances. It was such a neat experience. We learned that it was built mostly by volunteers- some travelling from far distances to work on it:
 “It’s love, that’s what it is,” said Sehejpal Athwal, a 24-year-old customer sales rep for HSBC from England. He’s spending most of his 11-day vacation visiting his brother and volunteering on-site last week.

They come because they work beside their Baba Ji, or religious leader, he said. “They give us love, we love them and they teach us to love one another. You all learn to love and become one. It makes a better world.”
I really wanted to snap a picture in the prayer room- it was soooooo beautiful, but thankfully I restrained myself. 

As soon as we walked in they ushered us into the dining hall for the real deal indian food. Of course this was the highlight for Timmy. He was born the wrong color 
because he'd eat curry 3 times a day if he could.
The hub of this community is tucked in the back, in a kitchen where 80-year-old hands roll the corn roti, strip mint leaves and wash spinach. Especially on weekends and full-moon days, the big main floor kitchen, with its six gas burners and pots the size of wine barrels, will be a hive of busy activity.

We went on our annual Galaxyland trip at Halloween. 
Uncle Albert is awesome for that. He hooks us up every year with tickets.
We went with Grammy and Baba to see the Panda Imax film. I'm sure I saw Baba crying about the baby pandas at one point. No wonder I cry easily.

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