Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Christmas 2015

Santa likes Klootcheh cookies at our house.

Sometimes you just feel like playing with owl puke on Christmas Eve...

Scarlet made Jane a Harry Potter wand.

Jacob made Ezra this marble race.

Charlie made Jacob this hot chocolate.

Charlie made Scarlet this crown.

Jane made me this felt necklace.

Jane got a Time Turner necklace.

New running shoes.

Ezra made us snowmen.

Now Scarlet has a castle to join in on the animal/fairy imagination games.

Our annual Christmas Crepes.


Scarlet tried Skiing then realized she wants to be in the snowboarding club too.

We came home to new baby Max. 
We love him. He is delicious.


Christmas Jammies

Annual Christmas Concert.

Mark and Mariah spoiled us with the sweetest, most thoughtful gifts. 
I've noticed how the kids just treasure these gifts because they look up to these guys so much.

We got to have Linda for Christmas. She's so fun!!

Of course Grammy had delightful present ideas up her sleeve- like lefty scissors for Scarlet.

Jenny was a trooper for having just given birth!! For goodness sakes.

Grammy came over to teach us how to make homemade Klootcheh. SO SO GOOOOD!

Saturday, January 3, 2015

End of the Semester Catch Up

This is our reading tree. When the kids finish a book they write it on a tag to hang on the tree.

Ezra is still in love with trains. I don't encourage the Thomas the Train thing (trying not to commercialize any childhoods in this house) but we've 
been having all kinds of train activities around here.

I chalk painted my kitchen table. Nice!

We have sensory activities daily but the polymer beads are the favorite.

Scarlet has been getting pretty crafty these days. She made an embroidery kit and worked for hours on this gift for Aunty Yaya. 

Jane made this little corner at Thanksgiving time. We thought of things we're thankful for as we blew out the candles. So ritualistic :)

Why do I love galaxy dough so much?! Must be the glitter...

Jane has been rainbow looming for a full year now. She make anything you can imagine. Eventually we are going to bring these to the women's shelter for all the kids there. She wants to hand them out while I face paint :)

Ezra calls these "cakes" He cries when I take them down so nobody dies.

I love when Ezra reads while he eats. Trying to be like the big kids.

Holy figurative language!

Garage band time at cello lessons.

We are non stop tea drinkers these days. 

This is my attempt at the Reggio Emilia approach for the littles.

Hazel is in love with her sheepskin.

Just another one of Scarlet's "offices".

Jacob learned how to make a compass.

This is our awesome Remembrance Day poster.

Charlie chopped down a tree in our yard for our Christmas tree this year.

Gym time with dad.

Static Electricity experiment. 

She's finally coming out of this yelling all day stage. So ready.