Thursday, November 13, 2014

Summer Where Have You Gone...

Pumpkin Harvest! Pumpkins were definitely the most exciting to grow.

Jane thinks her duck is Jemima.

Jacob ran out the door yelling, "The apples are ready!!!"
My baby!!
I wish she was more cuddly like Ezra but she can't sit still for a moment.

This is a beautiful fall day I got to spend with just the three littles. The leaves were floating and the sunlight was shining through the trees. I was in heaven.

                                                              Our ROOSTER Frodo.
By Charlie 2013

The leaves are falling every color
What could be so beautiful.
But then there’s something round and cold and white
Thousands of them falling slowly to the ground.
After that little buds are coming and little animals are getting born.
Then the animals are big.

Apples are so ready, waiting for someone to eat them off their tree.