Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Road Tripp'in

We got to go to Utah this summer to visit Timmy's fam and for Double J's wedding. I tried to have lots of car games prepared to help make the time in the car bearable. We took our time on the way down- we stayed with friends and did some other fun things. 
Here's some of my preparations.

Before we left our favorite pals came for a visit and a few days later we stopped in Calgary on our way to Utah for a visit at their place. How awesome is that?! A visit sandwich.

 We had an early birthday celebrations for Amber.

 Then we had a Sunday Feast

 Popcorn Party
 We went to a vegetarian Thai restaurant (my two favorite adjectives in one restaurant plus with our besties. That's a win win...) and experienced literally the best food I have ever eaten on planet earth-well, besides the Persian food we eat at my parents house and the food in Dubai...
 This picture of Lily is just so great!
 After all the fun with the Walters we headed to Callway Park for our first time. The kids had a blast.

 More weird car game moments...

glow sticks are hours of fun in a dark car.

 Next on our list was Waterton. It was painful to visit though because we miss it. The weather was amazing too so that didn't help. We hiked Bear's Hump with the Michel's and then stayed with them for a night. We really enjoyed spending time with them- so lucky to have such good people to learn from and spend time with.

 We always try to visit BYU whenever we go to Utah. We LOVE the Bean Museum.

 Bickenstaff's Toy Store
 These guys went for a quick dip between the wedding sealing and the reception.
 I loved visiting Temple Square with the kids. It was lovely. I wished we had more time to spend there but we'll just have to chip away at seeing everything one trip at a time.

 Eating healthy is def tricky in the car. We ended up with some unusual car snacks...

Hazel was unsually fussy on the way home- I wondered why but then found these two rocks in her car seat when we got home. Poor Hazel!! No wonder!


chick pea said...

I love your pictures, reminds me of all the fun we had together!

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