Friday, September 19, 2014


Ezra. He LOVES smoothies- PB ones with carob chips.
He also loves Doogh and hummus and pita and rice and eggs- lots of Baba foods.
 When he sings Primary songs he says "Judeeba" instead of "Judea"
His two front teeth got knocked out. So Sad. His toofies were perfect!
He was having a tantrum and Tim asked him if he wanted granola or milky and he answered, "granilkies" He realized how funny it came out and stopped crying.
He's learning to use the potty- he can often be found running around the house shouting, "Potty Power!" or singing, "No more diapers for me."
 He still doesn't pay much attention to Hazel. These photos are not a usual occurrence.

 We went into the kitchen after FHE for our zucchini cake and found it all half eaten by Ezra.
We got this Kinetic Sand for Ez to play with while we study and it's been so awesome. He spends lots of time playing with it. I highly recommend.
 We've been listening to Peter and the Wolf together and Ezra especially likes it. I made him these finger puppets to go with the story.
 Ezra is obsessed with TRAINS ever since we went to the Railway Museum. We got to ride a real steam engine which was actually really cool and he's been stuck on trains ever since.
He makes all objects into trains by placing them in a row. He loves to do it with the buckets in our kitchen. He has us all sit down on his train and then he says the cutest things like, "All aboard! Do you want to go faster? Where should we go? To the store to get milk? What song do you want? Hosanna? Can you see the smoke coming out?" Stuff like that. It makes me so happy to see his imagination growing.

I've been searching for a train table for him but haven't found the right one yet.

These are some shots from the Railway Museum. The kids were so excited to dress up.


Elizabeth said...

Love him so much.

Gail Eaton said...

I love hearing how Ezra's personality is blooming and about his interests. What a delightful little boy!!