Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The Littles

Ezra loves to be outside.
He's an expert at squawking like an ostrich.
He's a fantastic singer.
He's an unusually good talker for his age.
He is our most cuddly.
He has great manners these days.
He's an introvert like his momma.

 I started a reading tree for the summer. Once the kids finish a book, 
they write it down on a tag and hang it on the tree. 

Little Hazey

I've been putting together little busy bags for the littles to use during the school year. I'm hoping they will be useful while we are doing our school work. This one was really cute- clothes pins and a line for hanging doll or baby clothes. A bucket of soapy water makes it even more fun.
 I've also been gathering sensory bin activities. This one is just rocks from 
the dollar store and construction trucks.
Ezra's loving the bingo dobbers lately.

Black playdo (galaxy dough) is pretty cool. We stuck marbles in it and
 Ezra had fun rolling it in the glitter.

Ezra really enjoys playdo so I've been taking it to the next level. I laminated playdo mats and I've been making all kinds of colors and flavors using essential oils and other fancy stuff. Pink playdo with rose petals and rose water, brown playdo with cinnamon, I use lime juice, lavender, peppermint...

This busy bag was annoying. I'm open to suggestions. I put sandpaper in a frame and made pattern cards to copy by placing yarn on the sandpaper. I couldn't get it to stick though??

Scarlet and I played rainbow dice. This girl is a school machine. She begs me for school work. The homeschool magic has started paying off with the younger kids. This year Jacob basically got 100% on all his standard achievement tests and we seriously don't know why. He just soaks up all the teaching going on around him or something. The other bonus of homeschool is that Scarlet is looking forward to having her own math books and classes as if it's Christmas. She sees all the things the older kids do and now she's dying to take part. It's getting easier! PHEWF!

This project was really exciting for Scarlet. She copied all 13 of the Articles of Faith. She used this little book and her notebook and a washable marker to help her keep track of her place. She worked so diligently. It was really awesome to see her work at something and finish it.

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Gail Eaton said...

I looooove to read all the amazing things you all are doing with your precious little ones!!! It warms this grandma's heart, but it also makes me miss you all that much more!