Tuesday, August 5, 2014


If we love our children, we must love the earth with tender care and pass it on, diverse and beautiful, so that on a warm spring day 10,000 years hence they can feel peace in a sea of grass, can watch a bee visit a flower, can hear a sandpiper call in the sky, and can find joy in being alive.”

- Hugh Iltis

I was picking rhubarb with Scarlet and I squealed about a bug and she says, "Mom, you're not very naytriss are you. Me and Jane feed frogs to the ducks, have you even even held one of our chicks?" By "naytriss" she means, nature-ish. 
The firsts from the garden.
I used my oil infusion from last summer and made a fresh batch of green salve this spring. Then I harvested new weeds to infuse oil for this coming year. I have plenty of comfrey, plantain, mullein, chickweed, and yarrow right in our yard which is handy dandy.
Jane knows where the geese lay eggs in Grammy's neighborhood. She remembered from last year and they were in the same place again.

Janey is so good about cutting fresh flowers for the house. I love it. This is a bouquet she put in Scarlet's room to surprise her.
The garden is growing!

I love these shots of Hazel in the daisy patch. I took her for a walk alone one morning. It's always a treat to have her to myself for once.

The first of the peas.

Tastes so much better from the garden!
These two made sweet little fairy gardens together.

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