Thursday, June 19, 2014

Scoopy Loopy

Scarlet has been having a hard time when people leave our house- for work or errands or lessons or whatever the reason. She doesn't sleep good because she's half listening for when dad gets up to leave for work. She used to cry her head off and say things like, "Why does someone always have to go? I just want our family to be together." It was quite dramatic. Tim would have to talk to her on the phone the whole way to work. Then she started making plans for what she'd surprise him with when he got home and that helped her cope. Now it's much better. She stands at he window and calls him as he's leaving the driveway and that's all it takes. It's been a long process.

Scarlet once said this in her prayer, "Bless us not to break our heads off." 

How about this conversation.
"Mom, how many fingers does a monkey have?"
"I don't know, actually." I reply.
*About 2 minutes pass*
She then says, "Why do moms not know anything?"

Another time I said, "Scarlet, I can't believe it's almost your birthday! You're going to be five!"
Scarlet, "Mom, quit bragging about my age."

I was reading Little House to her and she said most sincerely, "Oh, I wish I was a prairie girl."

More about Scarlet:

She's left handed.
She finally learned to ride her bike and she loves it.
She's been working so hard on copying the Articles of Faith into her notebook.
She's by far our silliest.

She calls the VCR a CTR

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