Thursday, June 19, 2014


 Mother's Day breakfast was lovely. 
 Hydrangeas and garden gloves from Timmy.
Sunday before church.
 He's my friend.
 Hazel squeals when she's around the chicks or the ducks. It's really cute.
We had a close call with the chicks. One of the littles left them out and we didn't know and it started raining hard. Jane was watching the rain and saw that the rain barrels were almost full. She ran out to dump them and found the chicks literally on their last breath. They were soaked and frozen. She brought them in and scared us half to death she was in such a panic. We laid them on warm rice bags with a heat dish near and hand fed them their food and water. They didn't move for a long time and we could barely tell if they were alive or not. It took a few hours and many fervent prayers. 
Finally they fluffed up and started chirping :) 
 I found this list in Jane's notebook. I wish my lists were as well rounded and simple.
 This year was one of my favourite graduations. We had a roast feast. Then I read out our Year in Review so the kids could hear all they've accomplished this year. Then we gave out awards and medals and garden gnomes. It was pretty funny. The awards were for character traits we've noticed each of them have developed this year. It was neat to celebrate their scholastic achievements but then focus on the more important thing- who they are becoming.

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Lindy said...

I love the idea of a scholastic review and awards for character traits. I'll have to remember for next year