Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Cake and Pirates

We had a fun birthday bash for Isabelle and Scarlet at Grammy's. Lots of cake and fun times :)

I love this shot of these chubby toddler cousins gobbling up cake as fast as they can :)

We had a Pirate birthday for Charlie. 

Jacob made Charlie this duct tape cuff that has different pieces that velcro on to it.

There was a treasure chest in the yard filled with Doogh (its a Persian drink- basically carbonated yogurt with mint. Charlie is OBSESSED with it). I put money in the cake which is always exciting.

His gift was this Alpha Smart digital typewriter. It was the hardcore writers use to write novels. It's really durable (good for typing outside, camping etc.) and the battery lasts 100 years. It has a light for writing in the dark car etc and it starts up immediately. It's perfect for what he needs and the beauty is there's no distractions on it- like fun tempting apps. Charlie has been writing his novel for 2 years now. It's over 35 pages!! Lately he's been doing a lot of editing. It's neat to see him pour his soul into his story. He even keeps a notebook in his pocket to jot down ideas that come to him so he doesn't forget them later :)

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