Sunday, April 20, 2014

General Conference and Easters

We had a wonderful time enjoying General Conference.  The talks are so inspiring. I'm always eager to study them and learn how I can become better. Since it's Easter I want to share this talk, The Resurrection of Christ. It's SO SO good! You do not have to be a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints to watch, read or listen these talks. Answers will come to anyone seeking a happy, faith filled life :)

Here's a snippet:
President Thomas S. Monson tells of a Robert Blatchford who, 100 years ago “in his book God and My Neighbor, attacked with vigor acceptedChristian beliefs, such as God, Christ, prayer, and immortality. He boldly asserted, ‘I claim to have proved everything I set out to prove so fully and decisively that no Christian, however great or able he may be, can answer my arguments or shake my case.’ He surrounded himself with a wall of skepticism. Then a surprising thing happened. His wall suddenly crumbled to dust. … Slowly he began to feel his way back to the faith he had scorned and ridiculed. What had caused this profound change in his outlook? His wife [had] died. With a broken heart, he went into the room where lay all that was mortal of her. He looked again at the face he loved so well. Coming out, he said to a friend: ‘It is she, and yet it is not she. Everything is changed. Something that was there before is taken away. She is not the same. What can be gone if it be not the soul?’”35

This time I set up centers around the room while we watched on the projector. 
The kids rotated for each talk.

We did the tally marks game for 2 of the talks. Look how full their sheets were! Scarlet was especially determined for this activity. She listened to every word of the whole session. Each word had a food item to go with it so after we counted up their tally's we handed out all the snacks they earned for each word, then had a picnic for the last session.

 The kids picked the snacks they wanted- shrimp, frozen mangoes, nutella, tomatoes, cheese, tortilla chips...
Picnic time!

This spring we had alot of spring run off flowing through our yard. It made a sort of creek. The kids raced toy boats in it for days.

Here is one last talk that I want to share. It gives great perspective of what really matters in life.

Happy Easter!!

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Elizabeth said...

Best 4 days of the year...this year Jenny made us delicious food - we ate like royalty all weekend!