Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentines!

This year for Valentines we made some surprise deliveries around town. It was really fun to ring doorbells and run for it :) We also ate a lot of Nutella...

I made heart egg toast.
 I also cut carrots into heart shapes for Amy's chicken soup.
 I do these things to amuse myself.
Hazel got stuck sitting in a bucket and wearing my old baby dress. Then, we tapped into some Valentines energy  in a good session of Valentines Yoga. 

Tim and I went on our usual Valentine snowshoe. It turned into a good sledding time with the kids too.
This year we can just go in our yard- how cool is that!
Although last Sunday we saw a coyote back there.

 We got to share a Valentines dinner with the Voravongs. LOVE those guys! They took us out for some crazy good Thai food, which happens to be our favorite.

Scarlet did a Valentine project this year. She made valentines for everyone and put one on all our doors every night starting Feb 1 until the 14th. We went to the store so she could pick out candies to leave by the doors too. She would skip around delivering her Valentine love and then bounce all over waiting for us to find her surprises. So cute.

I get the best love letters from the kids.


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