Friday, November 1, 2013


I've been busier than I've ever been the last few months. Most of the time I'm hanging on by a thread. We had some big changes-  a move, a baby, a new job, new homeschool provider, new ward... I was feeling overwhelmed and venting to my mom and in her wisdom she pointed out how many good things are happening and how a life full of goodness is nothing really to complain about. That little comment she made and probably didn't give a second thought to, was one of those defining moments for me. It hit me how unthankful it was to complain about a life that is stuffed with so many good things that I can barely manage these days. 

"For all of the chaos and wildness and busyness that is going on around me is good. It is full, yes....but it needn't be resisted, for it is beautifully full of family, and passion and life...There is...each other. And well, in the moments where it's tempting to feel overwhelmed by it all, I am mindfully stopping myself. And remembering that I can instead just soften into the joy, for that's really what all of this is. It changes everything, that shift in thinking. From overwhelm to fullness, from chaos to abundance."
~Soule Mama

Is this really my last baby? Six best little friends!
 I had Jane snap some pics of Hazel and her momma before church because it's the only day I put on some makeup gets out of my jammies before noon...

This is Scarlet showing everyone Hazel's book that she helped me put together. Thank you mom for the cute cute album.
Charlie's chore for the month is folding the laundry and as he folded he called out to me, "Mom, is this Hazel's dress? It looks like a doll dress. It's making me miss her for a reason. When I fold Ezra's clothes I miss him, even when he's right beside me." 


Elizabeth said...

How could Charlie get that at 8! He's such a little darling, and super future Dad! It's so true, but he gets that at 8?

Elizabeth said...

Plus I have never met a kid so willing to help - he learned to fold from his Daddy-o. That is the sweetest little story ever.