Sunday, November 10, 2013

Paint All Over Your Face

My mom is so cute! She's and awesome face painter too :) 
She learned how so that she can help me at the big events that need two painters. 
My friend Shaina inspired me to learn how to face paint and then she helped me get started.
I'm really thankful for the time she put aside to teach me. Since we moved to Edmonton, I've been doing all kinds of events and it's worked out awesome. 
The older 4 kids can usually come with me, which makes it fun.
We are getting pretty fancy these days.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Grammy is an Artist

The best part about moving this year is that now the kids have Grammy Class! They LOVE it. The three older sleepover and have art class and writing class the next day. Scarlet takes a turn every other week for part of the day :)
 Last week Grammy picked them up and took them to a cello concert performed by Jane's teacher. Afterwards, they went to the temple grounds to do some sketching.



"Every child is an artist. The problem is how
 to remain an artist once she grows up."
- Pablo Picasso

This was a sculpting day :) Wish I could be in Grammy's art class when I see pics like this one.

Isn't she lovely?!
 Grammy has my dream homeschool room- tons of natural light, and
                                      cupboards stocked with fun art supplies.

The very best part of Grammy Class is the motto said in unision with a robotic voice:

"In the circle of creativity....we are FREE to be WEEEEEEEEEE!"

I think this was her way of settling some artistic differences of opinion in the beginning :)


Some of our favorites at the zoo.

Of all the animals, Ezra was most enchanted with the turtle.

Do you see some cute faces hiding?

A homeschool perk is going to the zoo during the day and having the whole place to yourself ;) The Edmonton zoo is small but I think I like it the best because it's not such an ordeal to go- no lines, the kids know their way around, and the car is really close so we can just hop out, run around and go home in a snap.

Sunday, November 3, 2013


Scarlet always checks her tray in the morning so I feel pressure to find something fun each day. She's had an insatiable hunger for learning this year which was a relief because I was beginning to wonder. She and Ezra have Joy School when the older kids go to Grammy class once or twice a week. 

Scarlet got a trophy in September for working so hard her first month of school

She makes me laugh hard all the time. She's WILD. It actually scares me. 
We were listening to a General Conference talk and the speaker said something about "male and female" and Scarlet said, "Male and Female? Why is he talking about flamingos?"
At first I was like what the? Then I realized she must of heard the words male and female on a library movie we had watched about flamingos recently. 

The littles.

We made play dough for our little neighbor boy.

Want to know what she named her new kitten?
"Sun, but we call him Sunny for short."

Scarlet got a kitty as a reward for not sucking her thumb anymore. I couldn't imagine her ever stopping but then one out of nowhere we noticed she hadn't done it in a few days so we asked her about it. She replied, "Albert told me." That's all it took. We were stunned. 

They both fell asleep on the way home the day we picked up the kitty ;)

Sleeping in Baba's truck. Baba, got her this doll and she named it after Aunty Jenny ;)

Scarlet loves to set up an "office". She arranges all kinds of things- but this almost always includes pillows and blankets, books, and crayons etc. 


Bugs in jars was the best I could come up with for Halloween decorations this year. LAME.

This treat on their work stations was even lamer. 

Scarlet had Halloween activities on her tray that day.

This weirdo showed up for breakfast... Ezra was traumatized, but he did touch her pet spider.

Eyeball "juice pop" with our pumpkin pancakes.

Mummy dogs for lunch.

These were healthy-ish caramel apples- I have a great recipe.

We also played the feel the food item game- raisin for a witch wart, squashed tomato for a heart, cabbage for a brain...