Tuesday, October 1, 2013


It's been so nice living close to my family. We have lovely Sunday Persian dinners at my parents house, and the kids get to stay over that night and have Grammy School the next day. My mom is teaching them art half the day and writing the other half. While the older three kids are gone, I have Joy School with the three littles. It's been so nice having that time with them to do all the things the older kids did when they were younger. 

This is what we did on our first day:
Played in the balls at Ikea and got ice cream, Scarlet picked out cute new boots (Pods- good for every season, check them out), decorated a birthday plate, read Heidi together, worked on her alphabet box,
played with rainbow rice, listened to audio books, Scarlet packed up for an adventure in the woodland part of the yard, and we baked biscuits. These little people are wearing me out.
We bake yummy treats.

Snack time on the front porch.

We make rainbow rice for our sensory bucket. Ezra loved this. He played silently, working so hard, for longer than he's ever has played at anything. 

 We decorated a ceramic plate with Sharpies and then baked it. Scarlet LOVED this. You can redo your drawing as much as you want before you bake it. Scarlet drew a cupcake so we can use her special plate for birthdays. She wrote her name for the first time on it.

We go swimming at the pool and in the kitchen sink.

We paint poster board to find the secret message.

We go for walks.

Scarlet works on her alphabet rocks.

Ezra loves to wear backpacks.

We throw colored ice in the bath.

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Andrea said...

Where did you get your ceramic plates? My girls want to do that, so it's on our list.