Saturday, October 5, 2013


No one in the world is cuter when they pray, than Ezra. We all love it. 
Ezra is a genius! I've decided he's also a major introvert. He likes to be alone and doesn't want people in his space. He screams a lot because these are impossible requests with 5 siblings.
 Ezra loves to sing the song All Creatures Of Our God and King (we like this cello rendition of it). He especially loves the Alleluia's. 

We have a family code word when it's time to gather. It makes it easier to get everyone to come quickly because we use it sparingly. Are you ready? It's......
When Ezra hears it, he acts like it's an emergency ;) 
He runs all over the house saying it until everyone comes. 

This September was a big month for Ezra. He started sleeping in a big boy bed, and he started liking to watch Baby Einstein (love when that happens).

Ezra loves to say "football".

Foods Ezra loves: salsa, avocados, vegan butter on bread, banans, nuts, plain yogurt, feta cheese...
Since he started sleeping in a bed, we play hymns and classical music to help him fall asleep. 
He likes it. He likes music in general. He loves to dance (with his hands in fists and elbow up and side to side) and he actually has a killer Michael Jackson moonwalk. He hummed tunes from when he was way little. He didn't have first words, but first choruses of songs. What the?

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Elizabeth said...

Oh my goodness I would squish him so hard if he wasn't so averse to it! I. love.him.