Thursday, September 26, 2013

Weeds, Chickens, Plums, Apples, Hay, Berries...

I went to an Herbal First Aid workshop and learned all about weeds and how to use them. It was riveting. When we moved, I was really concerned about my weeds- they were given to me by a beloved friend. Tim brought them for me and I headed out to the yard, 9 months pregnant and worked my tail off getting them planted before they died. The good thing about weeds is that they are robust, and grow really fast. I think I might plant an entire weed garden- its so easy and so rewarding ;)

 I've been making all kinds of potions and magical concoctions. The other day I was blending them in my Vitamix and the kids would pass by and look at me with a furled eyebrow and then continue on their way. I think they are getting used to my freaky green stuff now. Everytime they have any issue at all, what do I say?  "Go get the green stuff." 

Gargantuan Comfrey

My freezer is full of these... really wanted to put it on Mark's eyeball but my dad couldn't even handle the thought of it.

Why did the chicken cross the road?

Never preserved so many apples in my life! We didn't even touch the crab apples
 because we were so sick of it.

If you look closely at this picture you will see a silver bowl hanging from the tree- the kids made up and apple picking system that had something to do with a hanging bowl and a butterfly net. I think Jacob was the net catcher.
There were 7 billion red, delicious plums. We picked this many on several different days. 
They were never ending.
Gramma's apples were beautiful.
I think we ended up canning over a hundred jars plus my freezer is stuffed too.

Hours of fun right there. I recommend a haystack in the backyard to anyone. The kids played and played in it. This particular game was my favorite. They made nests for themselves and even Ezra had a nest to drink his milk in. 

We found the perfect spot for a campout. We were hoping to camp with Eli's
 fam but we ran out of time.

They brought out everything they own. Games, books, homework.

We caught many a froggy in the yard.

The girls made sure there was fresh flowers on the table at all times.

All you can eat dessert.

Charlie's hands are so squishy- they make me sad for some reason. 
Sad that one day I won't be able to hold them whenever I want.

Scarlet carried on the wildflowers in the ice family tradition.

Jane has perfect daisy chain hair. I love how she's a real deal flower girl. Often I will look out the window and see her floating in the breeze with her arms outstretched, daydreaming about who knows what. She loves to do her schoolwork way up in the birch tree in our front yard. Don't ask me how she gets all her stuff up there or how she actually gets anything done.
I love this picture because 4 kids are in this tree at once- 2 on branches and 2 on swings.

 Another childhood family tradition. Duct tape nature bracelets.

This is at Grammy's house for art class. They were laying on a blanket and painting the sky. I wish I could take Grammy's class.

So fun to see cousin Brendy. The kids kept talking about how fun she is long after we were home.


Elizabeth said...

I like your weeds:)

Anonymous said...

I grow weed gardens...but it isn't intentional.

Andrea said...

You have been SO busy. Your jars look beautiful and I hope you can now relax a bit. It's fun to now have a canning friend ;)

The Schuwer's said...

Sarra, you inspire me so much! I love seeing all of the cool things you do with your kids. I miss y'all!