Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Summer Sunshine

This was such fun night- almost too fun because we left with 6 crying kids wanting to sleep over :) Jenny gave a super duper FHE lesson, Eli manned the BBQ and we just enjoyed being 
with their family. These are the moments when I am filled with gratitude to live near family now.

 We took the bus to Heritage Days and met Jenny and Eli, then B-lined it to the Persian tent. Ha.

 We had another fun summer night with Eli's fam. They brought over a ton of pizza and 
we got to enjoy the perfect weather with some of our favorite humans ;)

 We also got to spend of few days were the Walters. Oh how we love to see them. 
We're hoping one day they ask to move in with us.
Amber had a birthday.
Don't we look extra twin-ish here ;)
I'm not too sure how Amber feels about it, but I love when people get us mixed up. I'm so flattered.

Our kids play so happily together. When they left this last time, Charlie noted the lump he felt. We all knew what he meant.
 This is the giant nest. They crawled in and out through a little hole like mice. Scurrying and giggling the whole time.

These little friends bonded this time. L. was so sweet with baby Hazel. She even 
got her to sleep a few times.


Elizabeth said...

That looks like lots of fun, but didn't Tim banish the word 'super' from our collective vocabularies?

Elizabeth said...

Oh and that's probably Charlie's last hotdog!