Tuesday, September 17, 2013

He's Eight!

My Charlie boy. He turned eight this year and decided to be baptized. We really enjoyed doing his Baptism Prep class together. Charlie was so excited about his special day. He agonized over the program for the baptism- he wanted everyone to be there and he wanted to assign the right thing for each person. It all his planning was worth it because it turned out to be a wonderful day. Even Grandma Gail and Granddaddy and Gessie made it up here to be with us. They came for the baptism and so we blessed Hazel while they were here too. It was nice that they could see our new house too. I learned my lesson last time and made sure we got lots of pictures. Thanks to Aunt Jenny we even got a big group shot.

This is  how Hazel likes to be held, I promise. My dad can't take it- he worries her head will roll off...

My heart might crack in half if I look at these pictures too long. Seriously love this kid.

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Tisha said...

happy baptism to Charlie! What a handsome guys! love seeing pics of little hazel! I can't believe you have 6!! love you guys!