Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Last Biscuit...

The last biscuit has arrived. Biscuit #6 making us a family of eight with 3 girls and 3 boys.

Scariest moment of my life. 

The boys have it so easy!
The end! Around 9 pm sometime.
Oh how I love not being pregnant ;)
The proud ride to the room.

Tim left to get food and came back with a large pizza, giant salad, fruit bowl, flowers, trail mix, chocolates and my favorite Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia. We talked a lot about names and couldn't choose between Adelaide, Eleanor, Ivy and Hazel but finally went with Hazel.

Lindsay arrived and we had a delightful visit around midnight.
Classic first bath picture.

Amy and her fam came the following morning. It was such a treat to see them. 
Her kids are AMAZINGLY cute.

Amy's mom made the lovely teal blanky. 

This is what "the blue whale" looks like now- packed with 3 on each row!

Snuggly moments

I finally have a baby for the pea pod I knit.


Royall said...

Congratulations! She is so beautiful!

Lew said...

Yay!!! She is beautiful!! So happy for y'all!

Elizabeth said...

She is so sweet in her little peanut shell:))

Betsy said...

Hi Sarra, I'm so happy to see your new baby girl! She is so darling. I'm glad you're all settled, and that all went well with your last delivery. Yay! You're done! Your new home and yard look lovely, those flower gardens are amazing. Take care, Betsy