Saturday, July 20, 2013

Oh What Do You Do In the Summertime When All the World is Green...

Freshly Squeezed. K that's a sick mental picture...

I finally snapped a shot of Scarlet's fairy land that we relocated to under the oak tree today.

Jacob and Scarlet slaved away picking this bowl full of saskatoons.

Rhubarb mountain!

Cutest smile ever!

Scarlet finally got to have her sleepover with Jane. Jane went all out- invitations, an itinerary, a list of what Scarlet should bring, snacks, you name it.

K this was awesome. I blogged a while back about writing letters to famous people. Charlie got a generic, boring letter back from JK Rowling stating she can't possibly write all her fans back. But Jane got a big, glossy autographed picture back from Yo-yo Ma. In her letter she asked him what the secret is to being an amazing cellist and he answered her question, How cool is that!! He said, 
"Enjoy it. That's the secret." 

Borax crystals form over night. Instant enjoyment.

Jane and Scarlet painted rocks to mark my special weeds I'm growing in the yard.

Giant slip'n slide with friends. And a good 'ol roast after :)

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