Wednesday, July 24, 2013


All of a sudden Ezra is a giant baby!

She's flexing

First Sunday.

Aunty came by for a snuggle.

Cute outfit from Grams.

Mariah keeps us all hip- we love the fun bracelets!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Oh What Do You Do In the Summertime When All the World is Green...

Freshly Squeezed. K that's a sick mental picture...

I finally snapped a shot of Scarlet's fairy land that we relocated to under the oak tree today.

Jacob and Scarlet slaved away picking this bowl full of saskatoons.

Rhubarb mountain!

Cutest smile ever!

Scarlet finally got to have her sleepover with Jane. Jane went all out- invitations, an itinerary, a list of what Scarlet should bring, snacks, you name it.

K this was awesome. I blogged a while back about writing letters to famous people. Charlie got a generic, boring letter back from JK Rowling stating she can't possibly write all her fans back. But Jane got a big, glossy autographed picture back from Yo-yo Ma. In her letter she asked him what the secret is to being an amazing cellist and he answered her question, How cool is that!! He said, 
"Enjoy it. That's the secret." 

Borax crystals form over night. Instant enjoyment.

Jane and Scarlet painted rocks to mark my special weeds I'm growing in the yard.

Giant slip'n slide with friends. And a good 'ol roast after :)

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

What Has Happened to Me

When did I start wanting cute gum boots and a new wheelbarrow for Christmas and why am I OK with finding green caterpillars in my hair!!??

Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Last Biscuit...

The last biscuit has arrived. Biscuit #6 making us a family of eight with 3 girls and 3 boys.

Scariest moment of my life. 

The boys have it so easy!
The end! Around 9 pm sometime.
Oh how I love not being pregnant ;)
The proud ride to the room.

Tim left to get food and came back with a large pizza, giant salad, fruit bowl, flowers, trail mix, chocolates and my favorite Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia. We talked a lot about names and couldn't choose between Adelaide, Eleanor, Ivy and Hazel but finally went with Hazel.

Lindsay arrived and we had a delightful visit around midnight.
Classic first bath picture.

Amy and her fam came the following morning. It was such a treat to see them. 
Her kids are AMAZINGLY cute.

Amy's mom made the lovely teal blanky. 

This is what "the blue whale" looks like now- packed with 3 on each row!

Snuggly moments

I finally have a baby for the pea pod I knit.


Hazel Juliet Eaton
Born July 3, 2013
7’9 lbs

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Edmonton Life

We've had two woodpeckers hit our front window already. One died and it was so sad. The other passed out until Jane poured water on it, then she picked it up and it came back to life and flew off!

I can't believe the chocolatey-ness. 

I found this one day. Jane is drying Chamomile for tea.

Painting the birdhouses.

Charlie and Ezra

Oak trees have the coolest leaves!

What kind of fruit is this?? Its like an ovally, pear-ish shape?

We have gigantic saskatoon and raspberry bushes all over. It's slightly overwhelming.

This is my favorite tree. It has teeny rose-like things on it that turn into pinecones that look like flowers and short feathery soft needles.

We've found 4 benches tucked into the flower gardens. 

I love looking out the window and seeing Jane prancing around the yard with a basket and books packed in her bag.

We can finally have chickens! We picked up these beauties today. Big beautiful brown eggs.

Ezra, our pretty little girl...