Sunday, May 12, 2013


The kids finished up their Hero Journey class. This was the class description:

"This is a class based around J.R.R. Tolkien classic book "The Hobbit." We will discover lessons that teach principles of how to be effective learners/learning hero's.  The following topic's will be part of our discussions: receiving a call / developing the desire to learn/serve, dealing with border bullies and roadblocks, finding and recognizing strong mentors, gathering skills and tools, accepting challenges, learning new lessons, mentoring  and serving others."

 It was perfect timing for us because we had read the book last summer so the kids 
were already into Hobbits.
Some of the fun stuff they did was write in these neat journals, make cookie spiders, make necklaces out of old keys, and found out their hobbit names, 

 After the Hobbit lesson the class got to walk over to gymnastics. 
This is how Jacob does his dot to dots now. Spread out, two at a time! 
Some go as high as 6000 dots! Not bad for a Kindergarden kid.
 I wish these two enjoyed math as much as Cubby. I try to come up with math games to make it interesting for them but it barely works.

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