Sunday, May 12, 2013


We had a Passover with some of our favorite friends. I'd been wanting to have a Passover with my kids so they could learn about it, but I'm so glad we waited so we could share it with friends. 
We had a few learning activities.

Check it out, an inflatable Pharaoh ;)

 Rachael made the most beautiful meal. It was heavenly- soups, salads, hummus, a stuffed chicken...

 We had a trinket for each plague to make up goody bags.
Jars of plagues.
 The highlight for me was the mini concert at the end. I was so inspired by their boys' musicality. They were brilliant. I was grateful my kids were able to see what hard work can do.


Liesel said...

yay! you're still blogging. I've missed your regular posts.

Timothy said...

The Spencer's are a gifted family. Pure goodness over there.