Friday, May 31, 2013

Catch Up

Felt Birdies made by Jane

Jane taught herself to blanket stitch and then whipped up these little birdies. She has such an attention span for these kinds of projects.
She also made a few of these safety pin bracelets. Cute.

We did the rice experiment for a FHE about Kind Words. It's actually pretty funny talking to rice. When the kids are all outside and I'm alone I feel like a weirdo. 

These guys are crazy about Gopher Hunting.

Sickest thing I'ver ever seen.

We wrote letters to famous people. This is Charlie mailing his to JK Rowling and 
Jane wrote to Yo Yo Ma.

I was talking to Scarlet about caterpillars and butterflies and Jane overheard us and says out of nowhere, I know where some eggs are. She flew out of the house and came back in like 4 minutes with these little red eggs on a blade of grass. Why in the world did she know where eggs were? I'd have no clue where to even look.

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