Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Harry Potter Paaaarrrrrttyyyy!!

I got together with a few friends and we planned a Harry Potter party for our kids. It's fun to have friends that are hardcore Harry fans too. 
The first thing we did was make these neato wands. They didn't take too long and they turned out so cool! We later learned that others have made wands with bamboo instead- since it's hollow you can actually fill the inside with assorted cores like: Phoenix Feathers (orange/red  feathers) or Dragon Heartstrings (I cut strands from  these iridescent and red foil centerpiece sprays). I was also going to have Unicorn tail made from metallic rainbow thread.
Jane and Charlie helped me make old looking maps. We crunched the paper up, and ripped the edges, then soaked the papers in tea and cinnamon. It worked great. Then we used a blow dryer to to dry them. We used them at the party to make our own Marauders Maps. 
We sorted the kids into Houses. All my kids were Griffindor except Jacob was a Hufflepuff.
These monster books were the highlight for my kids. They really loved them. They have a Post-It notepad inside.
We of course had a Potions class. 
 Quidditch was played.
We had yummy treats including Pumpkin juice and Butterbeer.
And yes, it's true, you can call really call Hogwarts. Awesome.
I didn't get any pictures with Ezra but the proof that he was there is the fact that the next day he kept getting the broom out and riding it like a wizard. I thought he was mostly eating cream puffs the whole time but apparently he watch more quidditch than I realized!

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