Monday, February 25, 2013

Science Fair Day

I wish I would have got better pictures because we spent a long time working on these projects and afterwards I threw them all away. But, I did get videos of each of them explaining what they learned. I was really impressed with how well they presented at the science fair-  it was too bad Timmy missed it. From now on we'll probably take turns entering the science fair because having 4 projects prepared about killed me!
Charlie did a science experiment about Friction. We bought a sheet of plexi glass, and put different textures on wooden blocks to see which would slide down faster. We also used soap as a lubricant to see if that changed the speed of the blocks. 

Jane studied Evaporation. She made up 9 jars with different liquids and charted their levels each day for 2 weeks. She also learned about the water cycle.

Jacob continues to be interested in rocks so he made his own geodes and brought some real ones too.

Scarlet was amazing. She learned hers perfectly. She learned the colors of the rainbow in order. We mixed colored water to see how to make new colors. We learned what a rainbow is made out of and how to see one. 

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