Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Owls and Chess

I might nominate myself as the most dedicated library patron. I LOVE the library. This was a presentation done by the Fish and Wildlife officers about owls.

We attended a Social Studies Fair for the home school families the other night. It was neat to walk around to the different tables and see what the other families have been studying. Jacob brought a few things to share for our table- but chess was the highlight. I was surprised because it's not that exciting of a game to watch but there was a pack of boys like this gathered around his 
chess board the entire evening.


Elizabeth said...
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Elizabeth said...

I'm just happy to see that Tim is alive - and he looks so handsome to boot, as does Ezra! Scarlet and Jane are of course beautiful as always! I love Jane's scarves.

Tisha said...

adley is completely obsessed with chess right now too- I really can't understand it. I know his harry potter obsession is aggravating it, but really, it just looks totally boring to me- luckily for me curteis plays with him- maybe it's a boy thing? love the updates!

Lindy said...

Hey, I think you've met your match in Library patron! Bring it on sister! Well, actually I think you win. They always joke that I have my own special bin for all my holds. I asked if anyone else did and they said "Sarra Eaton does of course!"