Sunday, January 6, 2013

Extracurricular Times

This past term got a little bit too busy for my liking. I learned what kinds of lessons are worthwhile and which ones I don't want to sign up for in the future. It was a good learning experience. I learned that lots of activities are fun, but not always worth the time and money. 
I keep forgetting to get a picture of "Grammy Class" but this is the best class of all. Every week my mom skypes with the three kids and teaches them American History. I print off the packets she sends to me and that is all I have to do. Genius. The kids all crowd around the computer and it takes a good 20 min to get started because they bombard Grammy with all their tidbits. Charlie said the other day, that sometimes Grammy cries in Grammy class. I asked, "Is it because she misses you?" He said, "No, I think it's because she's so grateful for this one battle or something." 
I found myself a passionate history teacher ;)

 This is our Chamber group we started this year with two other families. Two violinists, 3 cellists (Jane) and a pianist (Charlie). These guys worked and worked on their songs for their Christmas program. We played at a seniors home and they all did a wonderful job. It's been neat for the kids to learn to play in a group and listen to each other.  Us moms take turns doing a short music appreciation lesson at the beginning of the class and that's been great too.

 Charlie initially planned on taking a piano break this term so that he could try a world drumming class at the University. The scheduling didn't work out so we ended up finding him a new piano teacher near the University instead. She is awesome and he's really happy after his lessons. So now Jane and Charlie and I get to have a Friday date to Lethbridge each week. 
 This is Jane's second year of cello. She still loves to play. I honestly never have to get after her to practice which is so nice. She is very self initiating about it. I'm always so impressed at how much her teacher understands Jane, they actually have a lot in common so they get along perfectly. 

These riding lessons for Jane were AMAZING. She was in her element! I watched her on the horse and wondered if I'd ever seen her happier. She was beaming. Charlie also took some rodeo lessons at the same place Jane took riding. He got to ride a donkey and hook up a 
cart to a pony and stuff like that. 

Jacob at gymnastics.
 Jacob also has Ukulele classes with Tim. He knows about 20 chords and 2 songs. A Bob Marley song- Three Little Birds and He's got the Whole World in His Hands. I like how he has no trouble playing in front of an audience. 

Tim continues to do Spanish classes with all four of the kids on Saturdays too. This is already their third year!

 Scarlet went to Stay'n Play and the library program for her classes this term (with me and Ezra of course). She likes to go but she misses Jane and Charlie and Jacob and is always ready to go home by the end.

Scarlet also started attending the gymnastics open gym in January with Jacob and Ezra. It's great exercise for our long winters.

Every month I change our display board. First it was Claude Monet, then Emily Dickinson, then it was multiplication flashcards. I'm thinking of doing Albert Einstein next?


Tanis, said...

I think you are the best homeschooling parent I've ever met! I want to learn all the things you teach your kids!! haha.

Where did you find a place that offered riding lessons? Is it in town here?

Serena Cherry said...

I am always so inspired reading your blog. Lane and Jane really could be best friends. We are deciding between ballet and horse back riding lessons for this next year, I am happy to see you liked horse back riding. I totally love them, it is just money and resources that stops me! I think we are going to do that. Lane is doing cello lessons too. It is a little bit harder to get her to practice. I wish we could move up next door to you and I could learn first hand how to teach my children so well. Thank you for sharing! Great job!