Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Christmas Crafty

This year Christmas was so brutal for me. I was in bed, dying of nausea for 5 straight weeks! I'm never doing this again. There. I'm saying it out loud to reassure myself that I'm serious about that. Needless to say, my big crafty plans went completely down the tubes and this is what we were left with. 

Item #1 Pinecones from our yard, sprayed with gold glitter and dropped into oversized mason jars with a ribbon. Perfect craft for Jane to handle from start to finish without me. 

Item #2 Christmas letters I printed off for my Activity Days girls with a scripture that goes with each day of December until the 25th. Guess what's still sitting on my mantle. Guess you have to go to church if you want to deliver letters to your class. I just didn't want to barf all over everyone at 8:30am...

K, these were actually cool. There is a scripture story that goes along with each item in the jar. Good for FHE. Jacob put these together and delivered them to some of his little friends. 

Scarlet playing with pretend snow. Why didn't I just scoop a bowl of real snow? 

Marshmallow snowman?? LAME.

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Rachael Spencer said...

okay, so your "lame" crafts are way better than anything I could ever come up with! You're amazing Sarra, I can't believe how you do all this, feeling crummy. You are my hero!