Friday, December 28, 2012


I read this quote on my favorite blog:

 "Keeping my pace and focus as steady and calm as I can in the moments and days to come, despite the feeling that the whole world is rushing around and by me this season. There's no reason to race. In fact, there's every reason not to."

It reminded me of this talk from General Conference by Elder Uchtdorf titled 


Elizabeth said...

Weird - I just re-read that talk yesterday - I was going to read it to dad. I got my self organized for the study of D & C, and Church History this year - I'm ready!

Jennifer Dehghani said...

Favorite blog? !?!

I didn't post that. What the heck?

Royall said...

So funny. I just posted my new years resolution and it goes right along with this quote. I printed three Uchtdorf talks off the other day because he has so many good talks about slowing down, enjoying the beautiful moments and choosing the things that matter most.