Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Little Janey

This is Jane's favorite face paint.
This is by far her most clever note. Don't worry the "wicked little girl...what I said was true, only I shouldn't have said it" part is her quoting Anne of Green Gables. She was totally joking.

This is so Jane. She is always begging for me to read aloud to her. We'll read for hours, until my throat is sore, and when I finally say it's enough for today she has a mini tantrum ;)


Shaina said...

that is ADORABLE!!!!!!!! I love Janey she is a doll!!! How are you able to blog? Amazing! I am going to arrange with Timmy a Christmas craft day at my house with all your kiddies like last year if that is ok, wish I could take away your pain, it is so so so hard what you are doing, but your Momma is right, you love those babies so so much and are the best Momma ever!

Timothy said...

Pretty Janey.