Tuesday, November 13, 2012

School Stuff 24/7

I'm sure all the American kids know this but we were so surprised that you actually get a letter (more like a packet) back from the President of the USA.
 Look at all this fun kid stuff! And the return address actually says "The White House". So cool- marvelous idea Grammy!
 For FHE one night, Tim thought of making prayer rocks. The kids tell us that they say bed time prayers but sometimes forget morning prayers. So now, they put their rock in the doorway each night, so that in the morning they'll see it first thing and remember to say their morning secret (personal) prayers. I got these shots while they were snoozing one night.

Lately the best spot for a movie is in the chest.

Lapbooks 2013. Jane- Oceans Charlie- Pianos

Sometimes you have to water color paint Lehi's dream in a chef hat.

We've had some yummy cooking classes this year. 

I find one of these creations daily.

This is Scarlet's "school work" She matches the clear spoon that has the lower case letter to the solid color spoon with the corresponding upper case letter. Does that make sense?

This is a GREAT place value activity. You can twist the cups to make any number and have the kids tell it to you so they practise their place values. I still have to concentrate unusually hard to get the more tricky numbers right ;)

I have been getting a steady stream of these notes from Jane. I find them on my pillow when I get into bed and they actually do make me feel super duper. It's been awesome writing practice and I use them to make new spelling lists for her (brutal, I know). I have a whole collection in my bedside drawer.

Nothing like giving kids a coconut to figure out and buying yourself a good 35 minutes of free time.

This is Ezra doing his "school". He got his first tooth this month and he's starting to stand with out holding on. Everyone in the house knows that if they teach him how to do anything, they'll be in big trouble. This guy has to be a baby as long as possible because I need a baby at all times!

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Timothy said...

Ezoowa! Cute as ever; looks just like his mommy.