Tuesday, November 20, 2012


I will never get over the miracle of a caterpillar forming a cocoon and then emerging as a butterfly. This time it was Scarlet's turn to take care of her own butterflies- the three olders have done it before. I'm so happy I get to share these moments with them. One minute we were having pancakes and the next we were watching the wonders of nature change our souls. Should I mention here that I was assigned the "butterfly Gramma" that is because Scarlet is the mom. She gave them names too, all 12 of them. The ones I can remember are, Theodora, and Scarlet.
She asked me one morning, "Do butterflies cry? Yes or no?" 
An excellent question.

Moving on to other Scarlet quotes:

I recently got a report from Scarlet that while I was gone, 
"Ezra was not being fuzzy." I think she meant fussy.

She randomly asked me, "Does crying make sense mom? 
I had no idea what to say so I said yes out of laziness and then she asked, "Is that the truth?"
Now what.

She and I were driving home alone and she boasted that "I'm as happy as a skunk today."

I love how when she gets worried she repeats, "Oh dear, oh dear oh dear oh dear..." Over and over.

She has some awfully peculiar taste preferences, like soy sauce straight up, spoon fulls of salt, baby formula, and toothpaste. If you can find a pattern in those four items, let me know.


Unknown said...

Sar, where did you order your caterpillers? that is so awesome!!!!! I should do that with the kids....

Timothy said...

I love Scarwit! She really does say the best stuff ever.