Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Oh What Do You Do In The Summertime....

We are trying to get into Geocaching. It's been a steep learning curve for me, but we are working on it. This was our first geocache. We found the cache at the river bottom across the street from our house.
 We just finished reading The Hobbit so the kids made the connection that geocaching made them feel like the dwarves on an adventure to find Smaug and the treasure.
 Charlie signed the log book for us.

Slip and sliding with our pals the Michels. 

We went on a family camping trip to the Crandell Mountain Tipis.
 We've never slept in a tipi before so it was cool to experience that.

 This next series of pictures makes me so happy. We played the dice 
game for lots and lots of candy (which is so exciting for these candy deprived kids) and for some reason Scarlet cleaned house. She won everything with her sweet candy game skillz. 

This is her showing off: 

In the morning we hiked Galloway. It was a great hike. We've trained the older three kids to be hikers but little Scarlet wasn't so sure. That is until we made her the leader... after that she marched all the way to the top no problem. She loves to be in control ;) 

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Quote Quote Quote

When tucking in Scarlet before bed, Tim asked, "Do you want to say the prayer?"
Scarlet: "No, Heavenly Father isn't home."
Tim: "Where did he go?"
Scarlet: "He's at Jesus' house."

After being gone for 3 days, Tim was snuggling Ezra and made this conclusion:
"Ya, I get the sensation that I want to eat him."

Monday, August 13, 2012

Ten Long Years

I was telling Tim how much I love my clockless and wrist-watch-free life. We only have one clock in our whole house, and I haven't worn a watch in 10 years. 
I go to bed when Tim gets tired (because he has to be up early for morning basketball), I wake up just before he leaves for work, then we eat lunch when Tim comes home for lunch break and we have dinner shortly after Tim gets home from work. This is a routine day for us. Tim is my time. How poetic is that? 

You Are My Time.
Happy Anniversary Timmy.

Love, Sarra

We are in front of the Salt Lake Temple, where we were married 
ten years and five (and maybe a half) kids ago.

Notice our "10" with our hands :)

We went to Hawaii to celebrate and meet up with Mary and Mariah. 
This is when we arrived at the airport. Mary and Mariah picked us up and brought us these beautiful leis made from real flowers. They smelled so good. Notice how white we are here- I couldn't wait to roast myself!

It was such a treat to spend time with Mark. I haven't got him to myself in a really long time. 
He made everything fun and made me laugh the whole time. I loved finding out all things we have in common because we are siblings. We liked the same foods, had the same sleep patterns, and all kinds of same stuff going on.

This is a very important picture because this was Tim's twice a day ritual. He was so thorough about his sunscreen, I could not even believe it. As in, ALL over his body- in his ears, between the toes, neck, fingers etc. I just don't know how he can stand it! I never touch the stuff :)

Oh man, we are so old now!! Ten years. Shnikees.

Mariah is just a pure delight- which we already knew, but now we really extra know ;) We were happy we got to spend some quality time with her and got to know her even better. She and I had the same dream one night which was so crazy! She and Tim had a ball talking about religion while me and Mark tried to stay awake :) She is a keeper.

Jacob wants to start ukelele lessons for grade one so we found him a killer Hawaiian made ukelele at this shop. It's the biggest selection of ukes in America. Cool.

I think heaven will be similar to Mana foods because I was in HEAVEN there. Healthy deliciousness all over the place. I bought a lot of eggplant, licorice, vegan pudding, 
dates, and organic gummybears there.

This is a soursop. Coolest fruit ever. It literally tastes exactly like a sour apple Jolly Rancher. No joke. 

Bamboo forest hike on the road to Hana.

Timmy cliff jumping at Venus Pond.

Tarzan vines everywhere in here. This is where the snorkel beach is. 

We had life changing guacamole at this picnic.

We saw so many Nemo fishies here and swam with giant sea turtles. We were wishing Charlie was with us the whole time. He would have loved it. Now I know why my mom is such a snorkelling lover.

The sand, blue sky and the sweet smelling breeze...

Ya, you just don't find bushes like this anywhere near Canada.

This is the resort the airport sent us to when our flights were cancelled. It was a five star. Sweet.

When you are in Maui, and your flights are cancelled,  it isn't all that disappointing... but I was missing little Ezra a lot by then. My mom is a dream! How many Grammy will watch 5 kids 8 and under, including a 6 month old for 10 days!! It's insane that she's willing to help us like that. We could NEVER get away if it wasn't for her because there isn't anyone else on earth we could leave our kids with that long and not worry. We can totally enjoy ourselves knowing the kids are with Grammy. She took them to the pond and they found duck eggs, they each made a scrapbook, they played in the sun and hot tub all day long, went for froyo runs, and played with Isabelly too. Aunt Jenny and Jared helped lots too. We are so thankful for everyone's help so that we could have a break before we start over with another pregnancy and new baby.