Sunday, July 15, 2012

I Call Her Janice MacDonald

She thrives outside in nature, in her bare feet, with a scarf tied around her and blowing in the breeze. Sometimes she even catches birds (with the help of her brothers), like these two magpies that were our pets for the day.

 Jane got invited to her friend Mya's birthday and she was just delighted. She worked for hours on a case for crochet needles that she made out of felt and embroidered. She worked on it in the car, before bed and first thing in the morning until it was done.

This summer Jane has surprised me with fresh wildflowers (weeds?) almost everyday. She leaves bouquets by the kitchen window, in the car, in my room, on the porch, on the kitchen table, in vases, jars, cups... She runs in the house with them, then runs right back outside to play :)

Jane got the bookworm award for obvious reasons. She's been reading constantly since Christmas. Every chance she gets, she's in her room all snuggled in with a book. She often calls me in her room to read me a few lines she's underlined (just like her mom and dad). It makes me so happy to see her developing a love for reading. Her comprehension and retention blows my mind- she's far beyond her reading years. She recently read The Witch of Blackbird Pond which I think is around a grade 7 reading level and she's going into grade 3!

Whenever she finishes a book, we have this little ritual of going up to the school room together and choosing the next couple books to read. Then she picks the one she wants to read first. We both agree that choosing the next book to read is the best part. These are some of the books she's read lately:
Anne of Green Gables, Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone,  Jo's Story- Little Women, Heidi, the Little House books, Island of the Blue Dolphins, The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, The Witch of Blackbird Pond...

One more thing about Jane is that she carries Ezra all over the house on her hip, and she has a hard time putting him down in his bed or chair because it makes her feel bad. Then she complains because he's heavy so I'll tell her to put him down and she'll say, "But I can't! He keeps looking at me so cute!"

 "A mustache is like a scarf for your nose."
                        ~ Jane Eaton


Tanis, John and Family said...

I saw the case your daughter made Mya and I LOVED it! It made me want to only give home made gifts from now on! So cute!

Timothy said...

I love Janey girl. I love that she reads all the time. I'm a little sad that she's growing up way too fast.