Saturday, June 16, 2012

We're Hicks Now

Timmy found a hobby. Gopher hunting. It's not like him to be preoccupied, but nowadays, if there's a free moment, it's all "Where's my gun?"
He was excited to take me out and teach me. He arranged a babysitter and off we went on our gopher hunting date.

 I was sad for the first while, but then it got super fun. As long as I wasn't close-up, as in eye to eye, with the poor gopher.

 Tim shot these two in one shot by accident. This is honestly how we found them. They were gopher lovers.  After this incident, I wasn't really in the mood for shooting anymore.


Serena Cherry said...

Chris and I were laughing so hard at this post! So sad...but really funny at the same time.

Lew said...

I can't believe Timmy was able to talk you into this!! What a good wife :-) I don't think I could have done it...poor little least they died together, in each other's arms.

Tisha said...

i guess we can still be friends :-)