Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Scoopy Loopy

She loves this old school camera.

 In moments like this, I realize I missed out not having a sister. Can you imagine one of my brothers helping me put curlers in my hair... Thank goodness for Jenny!

 Scarlet spent a week at Grammy's. She was so awesome and brave.
I love her face in the helicopter.

 Dress-up dolls from Grammy for her birthday.

 I painted Scarlet's little hide-out "Peachy-Pink" She picked out the color- if you call picking the first pinkish color sample she laid eyes on picking. It took her about 3 seconds.

We redecorated her shelf :)


Timothy said...

I like her. She has quite the advanced personality and humor for a 3-year old. I like to play "Princess Johnson" with her.

Elizabeth said...

It's one of the most tenderest of sights to behold...Daddy playing Princess Johnson with his scoopy loo. I miss her so much - we had fun all the day!