Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Books Books Books

I found this picture on my camera. I love when the kids do that.

"You might discover the secret at dawn, a morning like all other mornings, The sun climbs over the edge of the earth and begins to fill the world with light and warmth. It touches your cheek with a golden ray, and you say softly, simply, "Thanks. Thank you, sun, for the gift of a new day, for all its choices and challenges, for all the beauty that it brings.

You may find the secret when you hear a bird sing and feel grateful for the gentle music of the skies, for flash of wing and brightness of feathers, for the good company of graceful creatures who dance upon the wind."

~ The Secret of Saying Thanks by Douglas Wood

Douglas Wood is my new favorite Children's Book author. The writing is beautiful and quite thought provoking. No One But You is my favorite but I also like Old Turtle and The Secret of Saying Thanks.

This one is from Old Turtle:

"I...I wanted to ask a question," answered the Little Girl. "Where I live, the earth is sore, and people are suffering. Battles are fought, over and over again. People say it has always been this way and will never change. Can it change, Old Turtle? Can we make it change?"

Old Turtle spoke. "The world you describe is not the world that has always been, Little One."

Then Old Turtle told of how the people had found the broken truth, and the suffering it had caused. 

"It is because it is so close to a great, whole truth that it has such beauty and that the people love it so," said Old Turtle. "It is the lost portion of that broken truth that the people need, if the world is to be made whole again."

"But where is he missing piece?" asked the Little Girl. "Can we put the truth back together again?" 

"First, my child," said Old Turtle, "remember that there are truths all around us, and within us. They twinkle in the night sky and bloom upon the earth. They fall upon us every day, silent as the snow and gentle as the rain. The people, clutching their one truth, forget that it is part of all the small and lovely truths of life. They no longer see these truths, no longer hear them..."

My second new favorite author is Demi. Her books are well written, historic, interesting, and the illustrations are unreal. I can't believe I don't know these stories better- like Alexander the Great for example, is fascinating. These are the books we've read so far, but we have a stack to get through still (Mother Theresa, Muhammad etc.)


Tisha said...

those one's by Demi look sweet! I'll have to check them out! Is that the same author as "the empty pot"? sounded familiar- love when I find a great children's illustrator/author. I love Shirley Hughes and Barbara McClintock. But it's great to find great non-fiction. Thanks for the shares!

Lew said...

thanks for sharing! I requested a bunch of those books at the library, now I just need to go pick them up. I think Clive and Van will love them. Hope you're doing well!

Elizabeth said...

Did the kids classify that birdie?