Monday, June 25, 2012

Summer Time!

Kimball Park

 Beazer Hole

 The Walters introduced Jacob to Snake Grass and he's become rather fixated on it. 
He spends a lot of time collecting it from the foliage.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Dad Day

This is my dad's version of The Scream by Edvard Munch. He's the coolest. 
The Scream was my favorite painting when I was a kid. 

Coincidentally, Tim says, "I wouldn't pay $10 for that painting, I really wouldn't."

My dad told Scarlet that she's extra special because she has a belly button. So now Scarlet totally believes that her having a belly button sets her apart from all the other grandkids in the world :)

Look at Timmy and all those kids!! He is so happy to make these little biscuits his focus right now in this stage of life. I'm really lucky.
We freezer papered this guy for Tim.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

We're Hicks Now

Timmy found a hobby. Gopher hunting. It's not like him to be preoccupied, but nowadays, if there's a free moment, it's all "Where's my gun?"
He was excited to take me out and teach me. He arranged a babysitter and off we went on our gopher hunting date.

 I was sad for the first while, but then it got super fun. As long as I wasn't close-up, as in eye to eye, with the poor gopher.

 Tim shot these two in one shot by accident. This is honestly how we found them. They were gopher lovers.  After this incident, I wasn't really in the mood for shooting anymore.


Flowers at my door when Tim was away for a 3 day work trip.

A drawing given to me by Aunt Sorour circa 1985.

From my gardens for my Megumi friend.

Mom and Dad whisper loving things to their trees, so that they'll look like this.

 Eight duck eggs (minus 3 so far, thanks to a hare) behind the cedar in mom's front yard.

eeboo has great pencil crayons with great color names. This set will be our next one.

Crochet pockets. ADORABLE.

Nature wrapping.

Happy Land

We spent this day with the some good friends. It was a magical day. The kids (4 couples= 19 kids) got along great, it didn't rain like we thought it would, Jods made the cake of our dreams, we gathered by the upside down fire, there was enough "hippie food" (as Tobin calls it) for everyone, the horses were gentle, the view was spectacular, there was music, there was love...

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Scoopy Loopy

She loves this old school camera.

 In moments like this, I realize I missed out not having a sister. Can you imagine one of my brothers helping me put curlers in my hair... Thank goodness for Jenny!

 Scarlet spent a week at Grammy's. She was so awesome and brave.
I love her face in the helicopter.

 Dress-up dolls from Grammy for her birthday.

 I painted Scarlet's little hide-out "Peachy-Pink" She picked out the color- if you call picking the first pinkish color sample she laid eyes on picking. It took her about 3 seconds.

We redecorated her shelf :)

Freezer Papering

Music Trips

This was at Charlie's piano recital. He was WIRED. We sat in the very back, thank goodness, because he could not hold in his excitement. It was so fun for all of us to be there with him.

This was at Bethoven Lives Upstairs by the Lethbridge Symphony. It was tricky taking all 5 kids by myself and having to keep them quiet but it was worth it. Jane's cello teacher and our friend Rachael were in it. The highlight, was sitting with our Medicine Hat friends that we met last summer at cello camp. We just love those guys.