Friday, May 25, 2012

Glorious Sping

We had a few hot days so we went down to one of our favorite swimming holes. I love that I have country kids. They'd rather swim in a freezing cold river with tadpoles and all kinds of creatures, than go to the regular pool. How did this happen? I am such a sissy and I don't like getting dirty either. I really notice it when we have friends with us from the city and their kids don't even want to step on the dirt in their barefeet and my hick kids are digging and rolling and relishing it.

 We went to the Birds of Prey Centre and it was worth the drive! We had so much fun learning about the birds and seeing them so close up. It was beautiful weather and I love having an entire Saturday free to just spend together as a family. 

  Feeding the ducks is always a highlight for the kids.

 After the Birds of Prey Centre, we went to Broxburn Farm. I love to walk around green houses and see all the colors and smell all the herbs and flowers. Charlie bought me a basil plant with his own money. It's my favorite thing to smell.

This was a candy corn plant. Can you see the candy corn flower?


someone who loves her life said...
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someone who loves her life said...

I sometimes check out your blog (hope you don't mind) as I love the fun ideas you always share.

I normally don't comment, but I recently watched the funnest performance of Pachelbels Canon in D which reminded me of the equally wonderful performance from your son at the recent piano recital. (I was glad that we were there too and got to hear it;)

Enjoy the link: (oh and sorry for creeping on your blog;) haha