Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Happy Easter!!

Instead of hunting for chocolate eggs, we hide little colored Easter chicks like these:

I don't know why, but my kids live for these things. They get so excited and then I don't have to worry about the chocolate buzz or millions of tinfoil wrapper pieces all over my house.

After the hunt, we had a special Easter lunch. I filled each plastic egg with a snack. 

Scarlet was occupied for a long time with this Easter vinyl. 

Then we went to Grammy and Baba's for more Easter fun. Grammy had sewed sweet little Easter dresses for the girls and she had fun toys and gifts from Iran for all of us. We just hung around the house mostly but it was so nice to be home. I love spending time with my family and it's getting more an more fun as our family grows. My parents stuffed us with amazing food the entire time and we played lots of late night games. Eli had a talk on Sunday- I was so happy we could be there to hear it since we usually miss that kind of stuff. 


 Jared has a car business called Pace Auto. He just started and he 
already sold a car while we were there.

Eli's friend opened this cool restaurant called Chopped Leaf so we went there for lunch to check it out.

I just realized that almost every picture of Isabelly that I have is with Timmy. He loves her!

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