Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Dresses that "Dance"

Grammy sewed Jane and Scarlet special Easter dresses. Aunt Jenny sewed one for Isabelly too- it was her first sewing project and it turned out so cute! It was fun for the girls to all match.

Aunt Jenny always makes sure the girls have fancy hair. It's a good thing someone around here is a hair professional. I just leave their hair wild and free. 
After Jane's was done, she bopped around with a huge smile.

Scarlet loves to wear dresses. Especially if we have music on.
She loves to sit like this when she wears dresses because it "makes a cupcake".

Timmy: "Scarlet are you pretty like mommy?"
Scarlet: "No, I'm WAY prettier."


Timothy said...

I love my pretty girlies.

Amy Stachniak said...

Your family is adorable! I can't believe we were both in Sherwood Park at the same time and didn't get so see each other...that is very wrong, wrong, wrong!
Glad you had a great weekend, Julia is very excited for our visit at the end of the month! love