Thursday, April 26, 2012

Cubby and Scoopy

Jacob blows our minds nowadays. He is constantly working on his dot to dots- I think he is truly addicted. He'll do one that gets up to 2000 in he space of an hour. I don;t honestly think I could do it that fast. He reads like crazy too. Our older two weren't so proficient at reading at his age- he's not even in Kindergarden yet. He's our easiest kid right now, he's independent, and he's the peacemaker (moms especially love the peacemaker kid) in our family, he's silly a lot, and he's quiet and he has this big toothy smile that I love. 

This is his latest lapbook on Bald Eagles.

I went downstairs to put a bottle in the fridge around 3am and found Cubby asleep on the kitchen table.

Jacob is the most willing to give in to Scarlet's demands. He spends a lot of time with her.
 In this picture, they are making "Unicorn Poop" cookies. Classy, I know. Scarlet was loving the Unicorn idea. We should have made them less cinnamon bun and more ploppy...

Scarlet created her first fairyland, it was an important moment. 
It's like a rite of passage in the Eaton home. She did a lovely job.

The other day Tim got in a hot tub at the pool with Scarlet and she said, "It's spicy in here."
Spicy as in "hot" water.

Whenever Ezra cries Scarlet starts singing the "Winnie the Pooh" song. She thinks it stops his crying.
Speaking of Winnie, here's a recent Jared quote:

"Mark is like Rabbit now. He's nuts about his garden lately."

We can always count on Uncle J for a Winnie the Pooh metaphor.

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