Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I have the funniest story about Cubby. We started the book the Indian in the Cupboard (not my favorite but Jacob loves it). I have a decorative skeleton key in a jar on our hutch and I found Jacob tying a red ribbon around it, just like it says in the book. He was planning on using the key to lock one of his animals up somewhere, in hopes of it coming alive like the Indian in the book. 

We live in an old house that happens to have skeleton key locks but we didn't think they actually work. Turns out the random skeleton key we have works on our weird old doors and Jacob ended up locked in his room by accident. I couldn't get the door open so he had to wait in his room for an hour until Tim came home for lunch. 

Charlie was really worried about him being locked in his room possibly forever. I overheard him asking  Jacob which animals he wanted him to slide under the door. Then he suggested the lizards and the stingray. Charlie also sent snacks through the crack, pretzels and apples. It turned into another game- Jacob was the Indian locked in the cupboard now and Charlie wanted to be called maid.
Cubby has become such a good reader lately.

He's so kind to his little feisty sis. Here he is washing chinese cabbage for the school Asia Presentation.

This is blurry but it was such a cool animal set up. He'll play animals with anyone who's ready.

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