Sunday, February 12, 2012

Charlie Barley

Uncle JJ hooked these boys up this Christmas. 

I got these neato dragon pencil crayons for Charlie. They made me want to color with color names such as "Pickled Beet" and "Boot Leather Brown" and "Marshmallow" and "Apple Pie" and "Rubber Ducky Yellow" and "Kettle Black". I found this drawing dragons book to go with them. The book is perfect for his age. All of Ralph Masiello's books are great. The drawings are super easy and really cool. Jacob got his drawing bugs book and it's just as good.

Charlie is like me. He had all his presents made and organized and wrapped long before it crossed anyone else's mind in this house. He worked really hard and put a lot of thought into each one.
 I took Charlie on a little date to this quaint little tea shop called the Jasmine Room. He tried a strawberry bubble tea for the first time there.

 Charlie cut himself with his new pocket knife in January. He ended up with three stitches in his pinky.

 I found this set up on Charlie's dresser? His binoculars on top of his lotion, just at the right level for his piggy bank pig to look through. Why would he think of that??

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