Saturday, January 14, 2012

Quote TIme


Tim talking with the kids:
"Baby Ezra has one job in this family, do you guys know what it is?
Get chubby!!"

Jane asked me if babies grow in your stomach. I told her they grow in this thing called a uterus. She joyously proclaimed how lucky girls are because, "Girls get to have a  uterus and hips!"

Jacob had so many questions about babies when Ezra came home. He walked into our bedroom and saw the pack'n play and said, "Cool, is that his new cage?"
Then he asked, "Mom, did he come out wearing that one (onesie) or did you put that on him?" I answered,  "He came out naked, all babies do." Then all four of them died laughing. Apparently that's the funniest thing ever.
Lastly, Jacob said, "I like him mom, he's just like Baba."
"Why?" I asked.
He replied, "Because he's so sleepy."

Each day Jacob asks if I want to know his new favorite part about the baby. First it was his ears, then his fingers, then his tummy... The picture below shows him measuring his body parts against the tiny baby's. "Mom! My ear is this big and Ezra's is only this big!"

Now for my personal favorite, which happens to be on video. The minute we got home from the hospital we told Scarlet how the baby came out. Instantly she looked at my tummy and says in an excited squealy voice, "There's more?" Happens every time. I proceed to tell her no, there isn't any more but she keeps pressing the issue saying, "He wants his friend mom. He wants his friend." over and over.

In the car on the way to our vacation I started laughing at something and Jane told me that my laugh was weird. I think I don't laugh enough because it sounded strange to her for me to laugh really hard. Then Charlie agrees and says, "Ya, it's not contagious at all! But my laugh is contagious. One time I was laughing and Jane didn't even know why and she started laughing."


chick pea said...

Sarra he is so delightful. Its like I can feel each one of your pictures.
I love new baby days. I want to smell him and snuggle him too!

Amy Stachniak said...

I love how your kids love Ezra! Beautiful Pictures, I want to squeeze him so bad!!! I also think he looks like Charlie...sorry Sarra, I think Jacob may be your only Dehghani baby!

Anonymous said...

These pictures are so sweet! Ezra looks so snuggly and loveable and it's adorable to see how much your kids adore him!