Thursday, January 19, 2012

New Baby Vacation

A week after Ezra was born we took a week family vacation to just enjoy this new baby and some uninterrupted family time. 

I packed some Minute to Win It games for the down time and some of them made us laugh pretty hard.The cookie on the face game was the funniest. You look like a weirdo with
 a cookie on your face :0)

This was a fun game too- they each got a Kleenex box and they raced to 
empty it but only using on hand.

This game we played a few times. Charlie especially liked it. Rolling quarters towards forks. 

 Getting a bouncy ball from the foot of pantyhose without using your other arm to help, turned into pantyhose on the head and loud growling for Scarlet...

Balancing dice on a popsicle stick in your mouth.

Movie night.

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Timothy said...

It takes a day or two to get into vacation mode and then it is so hard to leave. I was ready to get the kids away from Treehouse though.