Monday, December 26, 2011

Please Get It Out

This is my third Christmas being "heavy laden with child" as my brother Eli would say. That must be the reason why our outside lights are put away in the garage, our tree is on the front lawn, all our decorations are carefully packed up in the Christmas rubbermaid bin and it was all done by noon on boxing day. It's quite the job and I realized today how much more fun it is to get Christmas all out, then put it away.  So Christmas is so over at our house, and the usual obsessive compulsive nesting has begun (it may have begun when I started windexing the window behind Jenny last night while we were talking...).

I can't wait for this to pregnancy to be over. I'm getting way too old for this.These are a few things I'm looking forward to:

1. Having a lap again for kids to sit on. Scarlet tries but there's no room.
2. Being able to pick the kids up again.
3. Not having to wear the same clothes (tents) every day.
4. Being able to run around with the kids outside and at the gym and on the hill by our house again.
5. Not wasting half my life napping.
6. Breaking my Tums addiction.
7. Being at rest without breathing loudly.
8. Being able to sit down long enough to read a pile of books to the kids again.
9. Not hating people with bad breath.
10. Being able to sleep on my tummy again.


Liesel said...

I like your list. Laps are really nice. So is sleeping on your stomach. I'm still wearing the same clothes 2 months later though. Hoping my old pants will fit eventually. Best of luck.

Timothy said...

I honestly don't know how I could ever make up for 45 months of pregnancy. I'll do my best to help and be grateful.

Tisha said...

LOVED your list! Can totally relate! This being the first Christmas since 2008 not being pregnant, it is so much better! Pregnancy is seriously brutal! way to hang in there! can't wait to see the little one!